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An Alarming Windows Bug, a Triumph for Tesla, and More News

Tesla is surging and Microsoft is purging, but first: a cartoon about wedding software updates.

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Today’s News

Windows has a flaw so dangerous the NSA disclosed it

In a rare event, the National Security Agency found and disclosed a vulnerability in Windows 10. The bug, which Microsoft patched today, relates to how Windows verifies software and web servers; it would have allowed attackers to undermine encrypted web connections or remotely distribute malware. The NSA's tip-off not only underscores the severity of the flaw, but possibly indicates a new set of priorities for the agency.

Tesla is now worth more than Ford and GM combined

Less than a month after Tesla stock cleared $400 for the first time, it has now risen past $500, cementing the company's place as the most valuable car company in America—by far. And that's pretty wild if you've been following along on the company's roller-coaster story. This stock surge may be a sign the company has finally figured out how to deliver on its promises and execute them smoothly.

Fast Fact: Up To 17 Billion

That's how many pounds of greenhouse emissions JetBlue airlines produces every year. The company has recently announced plans to go carbon neutral by purchasing carbon credits and pumping cleaner-burning aviation fuel. Will the move help? Sure! But it will be hard to truly make a dent in the company's climate impact without changing the behavior of its patrons.

WIRED Recommends: Giving Up on Windows 7

Many Windows users have stuck with the outdated Windows 7 for many reasons—familiarity, speed, even hard drive space. But starting Tuesday Microsoft will no longer support the operating system, meaning its users will be open to malware and viruses. Sorry to say it Windows 7-ers, it's time to give it up.

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Here's how to watch the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses.

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